Monday, 2 February 2009

No chance to craft this week......

Too busy at work this week, then I'm off to Germany on Friday for the weekend, well hopefully if the weather improves.
I'm loving the snow, it looks fabulous at work, although it's a nightmare to drive in. What I can't believe, is that they knew it was coming but still did nothing about it and it's the HEADLINES in the news........why? Does the rest of Europe have the same problems when it snows? I think, still it's lovely to have some snow once in a while. Hope to upload some piccies soon.
Stay warm and safe everyone xx

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Agnes the Red said...

I agree....I'm sure we had worse when I was younger and nothing seemed to grind to a halt like it does now. Europe is laughing at us - they plough more money into dealing with this sort of thing.
Hope you have a great time in Germany!