Sunday, 28 November 2010

My Very First Cake Decorating Class.......

I offered to hold a cake decorating class for a fundraising "Sale of Skills" and decided on a Christmas theme as Christmas is getting near.

This is a very simple cake that can be done with very little cake decorating equipment, all you need is a rolling pin, star nozzle, cocktail stick and a small cake board. Most people have most these in their kitchen already so you don't need to buy any expensive equipment.

Back to my blogging.....

Well it's been a few months since I wrote on my blog, life seems to get in the way of everything just lately. I won the pumpkin competition at work (just for fun) it wasn't the biggest pumpkin in the world but hey! ho! it won, weighing in at around 9kg.

Haven't done much crafting lately as I have no craft room at the moment and all my craft stuff is still packed away.

Been doing a few cakes though, my favourite one was an allotment cake, I LOVED making this one and could have carried on

The red bottle is meant to be a bottle of Pimms although it looks more like a bottle of ketchup.