Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Hello Blogland

Hello to all you lovely bloggers out there, it's been ages since I have done anything art or craft related. Hope you've all had a lovely summer. I had a mixture of good ,bad and sad. My dear old mum died back in July, she was the best. I know that no-one lives forever but you kind of think you're mum is always going to be around, don't you? I suppose she will be in a sense, she will always live on in our hearts.
I finally found some inspiration this week and did a bit of art journaling. I coloured the background with acrylics, glimmer mist and ecoline inks. It all looked very Christmassy and sparkly so I decided it would make a lovely Christmas page. Once I added the fabulous Stampotique figures to it, it reminded me of an "Office Party", hence the title!
The little guy holding the mistletoe represents the short, grumpy bald headed boss, trying to get a kiss from the offence to short, grumpy, bald headed bosses out there, I'm sure you're all lovely really.  
I've got a couple of back-grounds ready to do some more pages so hopefully it won't be so long before my next posting :)

The pages look better side by side but it wouldn't let me do that for some reason.

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Netty said...

Love your terrific pages, x